6 Non-Food Items To Put In Your Kids Lunchbox

6 Non-Food Items To Put In Your Kid's Lunchbox  via Babble
Sometimes small things can brighten a long day.

Back to school time can be a difficult time for sensitive children and their parents. But even more outgoing and adventurous children can have a hard time when the school doors re-open in the fall. Lunchtime is a particularly important time for children. They need to eat while navigating time issues, friendships, missing home, and whatever happened that morning.

So sometimes a little pick-me-up from mom can make a big difference in a child’s day, and when they open their lunchbox, they get a personal package from mom. Here are some ideas of what to pack away on trying days or just any old day.

We hope they may brighten your children’s day! Here’s hoping your back-to-school transition goes smoothly!



  • Note 1 of 6
    A simple ‘I love you' can be more than enough but be careful if your child is missing you. I once sent my very sensitive five-year-old daughter an "I love you" note hoping it would make her feel better but it made her miss home more. She still remembers finding the note and feeling sad. So gauge whether this is something your child would like. If not, a mere "Have a great day" works. It's a message from home that might help relieve the homesickness factor.
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  • Photo 2 of 6
    Again, consider if this would help or hurt. It doesn't have to be a photo of you either (although it could be). A photo of your dog or cat or favorite TV show character might just put a smile on your child's face. Plus, they can show new friends their pet or other special thing from home. A funny/silly photo works even better.
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  • Favorite Toy 3 of 6
    Favorite Toy
    Not all kids can play with toys at recess so check with your child's school to make sure before you send anything in. In my son's school, they are allowed to bring in a gadget, figure or stuffed toy at lunch as long as they put it away after lunch. When he was younger, I'd send one single toy car. The key is to keep it singular and make sure it's small (and replaceable if it ever gets lost). That school policy has never been a problem and finding a child's favorite lovey in their lunchbox is definitely something to look forward to, and helps break up the day.
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  • Reminder: Younger Kids 4 of 6
    Reminder: Younger Kids
    Remind your kids of something fun you'll do afterschool together. "When I pick you up, we'll go for ice cream, grandma's or the playground" or "Remember we're having a tea party, pizza for dinner or a play date afterschool today. "
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  • Reminder: Older Kids 5 of 6
    Reminder: Older Kids
    In addition to happy reminders, if your older child is struggling with remembering to take home a book or homework, a small note that just says ‘Social Studies book' or ‘Math quiz' will help jog their memory. That alone might help your child have a better day in school the following day when he doesn't forget that assignment or test. Some kids are forgetful and need help remembering how to organize all the daily tasks they must do. My nine-year-old son is one of them. Last year, I tried this tactic and it helped remind him. Soon after, he was remembering exactly what he needed. Just remember that older kids might not want the note that says "I love you" from their Mommy especially if other kids see it.
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  • Stickers 6 of 6
    Kids love stickers. Whether it's an animal sticker or a cartoon character, finding a sticker for a child is a source of joy. They're also cheap. You can get books of stickers for about five bucks or less.
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