6-Year-Old Boy Mauled By Dog While Saving Brother From Attack

Timo Perez
Timo Perez

A little boy in Florida is being called a hero after a dog mauled him while he saved his 4-year-old brother and another boy from being attacked.

Timo Perez was playing in his backyard in Homestead, Fla., with his little brother Carlos and another 4-year-old boy when a German Shepherd mix escaped from a yard across the street.

Timo hid the two littler boys under a parked truck and used his body as a shield to protect them while the dog started biting him.

He suffered bites on the head and shoulders before his dad ran over and hit the dog with a shovel, chasing him off. Doctors at a nearby hospital had to staple his wounds shut and he remained under their care for two days. He has since been released from the hospital.

According to the TV station WSVN, the dog’s owner has been cited and the dog was put down.

For his part, Timo is still a fan of dogs, but says that one was just “mean” and he just “wanted to save [his] brother.”

And that’s what you call brotherly love.

Image: WSVN-TV