6-Year-Old Charges the Mound at Comerica Park


comerica-parkA six-year-old boy surprised the fans at Comerica Park Friday night when he showed up on the pitcher’s  mound at the end of the seventh inning.

Dad told him to go get a ball, and he took advantage of all those listening skills learned during the first week back at school. He went out and grabbed the ball left for pitcher Brandon Lyon.

The Tigers were home playing the visiting Blue Jays Friday night, and they’d left the field after the seventh inning. Accounts vary, but the story dominating the reports has the little boy heading over to the gate near the first-base dugout in hopes that the first baseman would chuck him a ball. His dad, they say, had told him to get a ball – and that’s where fans generally stand.

But fans generally stay near the gate. They don’t bust out onto the diamond. The kid, being just a kid, saw a free ball on the mound and figured that was even better than waiting around for someone to notice him.

Dad says he never intended for his son to take him that literally – certainly not to go onto the field. But the good news is the folks at Comerica went easy on them: the little boy got to keep his ball.

Unfortunately, there was still bad news for the Motor City: the visitors who flew in from up north took the game 6-4. But one Tigers fan went home happy.

Image: wikimedia