6-Year-Old Girl's Breakdancing Skills Take Internet by Storm


6-Year-Old Girl's Breakdancing Skills Take the Internet by Storm (video, via Babble)Six-year-old Terra has some incredible breakdancing moves, and a video of the pint-sized b-girl demolishing the competition is rapidly making the rounds. With the video currently one of the most-watched worldwide, the tiny dancer has launched her own Twitter and Facebook accounts to keep up with fan demand.

Terra dances with the Soul Mavericks Crew, a London dance troupe. Soul Mavericks is both racially diverse and age diverse, with members spanning from 5 years old to 42, according to the group’s website.

Regarding the championship-winning battle between Terra and her competitor from another dance group, Soul Mavericks Crew’s website proudly says, “show love for all the kids. They train exceptionally hard at what they love.”

Terra’s nine-year-old sister Eddie also dances competitively with Soul Mavericks. A 2012 video shows the pair training, and they’re obviously working hard and loving it. The viral video and the training video (in which the girls are age 5 and 8) are both below. In the first video, Terra’s dancing starts at about 0:43.


(Photo Credit: Facebook/B-Girl Terra Official)

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