6-Year-Old's Unbelievable Catch During Baseball Game and Nobody Reacts (Video)


baseballOkay, granted I’m pregnant and all emotional and stuff so the fact that I cried after watching this video shouldn’t really mean a whole lot.

I once cried while pregnant after hearing Kid Rock sing Bawitaba on the radio. “My name is KIIIIIID!”

I was all, Damn right your name is kid. You go on with your bad self! So. I’m rather emotional. But this little Nathan Lewis fella you’re about to see tracked a pop fly over his shoulder and made the most amazing diving catch. According to Yahoo the kid is only 6-years-old.

Immediately after getting all verklempt over Nathan’s mad skillz I noticed the reaction of everyone else playing the game. That is to say, nobody reacts at all.  Like, the most amazing play ever goes down and the coaches just ignore it and everyone runs off the field as if 6-year-old’s pull this kind of stuff off every day. At least the parents in the stands are excited.

Coaches! Look alive! What’re you there for if not to celebrate awesome baseball action? Not even a high-five? The kid is 6, for crying out loud. COME ON!

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