7 Reasons I Don't Want My Kid to Start a Blog

There’s a whole bevy of things I fear as a mother:

1. Teen pregnancy

2. Pedophiles

3. Fast food play areas

4. My kid getting lost

5. Drug and alcohol abuse

6. My kid starting a blog

I know, I know, starting a blog probably shouldn’t rank alongside pedophiles and drug abuse, but neither should fast food play areas, so there.

As much as I adore blogging and appreciate all the wonderful things blogging has given me, having one blogger in the family is more than enough.

If one day my sensitive son becomes a blog believer, I hope that he’ll find his way to into the blogosphere through a journey of written mediums. If the 4th grade is any indication, he may never get there; damn prepositional phrases.

Every time a blogger announces their kid is starting a blog, I cringe. Not for them, but for me – like it’s contagious or something. I’ve got some pretty strong feelings as to why I’m in hate with the idea; here are my top 7:

  • Privacy & Safety 1 of 7
    Privacy & Safety
    Even the most careful and seasoned blogger has experienced their share of creepy stuff. Blame it on Mom watching too many episodes of To Catch a Predator; I'd like to keep my kid offline as long as possible.
  • Just another thing to manage 2 of 7
    Just another thing to manage
    If my son did have a blog, it would need to be managed very, very carefully. At this point I'd rather give him the baby sister he's always wanted than have to manage a blog about The Amazing World of Gumball, bleh.
  • Cyberbullies 3 of 7
    Troll me, shame on you. Troll my kid and it's all out war. Hell hath no fury like a blogger legacy scorned (or something like that).
  • Payback’s a bitch 4 of 7
    Payback's a bitch
    I shared the 5 Things My Kid Hates that I Blogged About. Damn straight I'm scared; I know just how much I've got it coming.
  • Blogging is the gateway activity… 5 of 7
    Blogging is the gateway activity...
    to social media in its beautiful and bountiful entirety. I'm not ready for my son to have a cell phone, let alone a Facebook, Twitter, and G+ account.
  • He’s still a kid 6 of 7
    He's still a kid
    I doubt my son would know how tell his stories without hurting others in the process. Hell, we all struggle with it sometimes. With a blogger mom and Twitter-addicted dad, I'd question his ability to distinguish the appropriate from the inappropriate by our example.
  • If he’s blogging… 7 of 7
    If he's blogging...
    then he's not playing outside like a kid should and video games and television already take up enough screen time. While he's young he should be outside getting dirty, playing hard, and coming home smelling like a stinky kid.

For now my son prefers the canvas to the computer screen; fingers crossed it stays that way.

What are your thoughts on kids starting blogs?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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