7 Tips for Taming Inbox Overload

inbox mail, email overload
Email takes over parents' lives

Three kids, two different schools, one babysitter. A job, side jobs, groups I belong to, stores I shop at online. Friends, family, enemies, frenemies. I get emails from all of them. Daily! In some cases, hourly. And, like I’m sure most parents, the messages stack up, higher and higher.

Add the emails to all the calendars, newsletters, notes in backpacks and daily mail and, well, too much information.

Every once in awhile, my inbox mail gets out of hand and I go through and clean up what I can. I’ve come THISCLOSE to selecting all and hitting delete, but then what? Because it would just fill up again, if not overnight then over the following week. And I’d do a lot of emailing to get info that I just got rid of.

So I appreciated these seven tricks and tools for keeping order in the inbox, even though I wonder whether I have the discipline to use them consistently.

1. Use the filters your email service comes with.

2. Cut back on how frequent your email is automatically checked.

3. Clean out the inbox! (Sure, like that‘s easy.) They suggest creating a folder called “holding” for the emails you can’t deal with right away. And maintain an inbox with no more emails than you can see on the entire screen (I heard you groan. I did, too.)

4. Create different email accounts for different things, e.g. one for super important people, one for online retail, one for friends and family, one for … Okay. That’s not going to work for me, but it might for you.

5. Send out reminders before you go on vacation. This will, hopefully, cut down on email during vacation.

6. Give your cell phone number to really important people, so you can talk rather than email.

7. Use one of the email organizing tools that is out there. The newest, Google Priority, I’ve heard good things about. It pops emails deemed important to the top (rather than organizing by date or name, etc.)

As for the info that shows up on paper? Only one filter for that ….

Now, send your best tips for keeping your inbox under control. How do you keep the communication from all aspects of your adult life from taking over?

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