70 Years Later, Wizard of Oz Back on the Big Screen


wizard-of-ozIt’s been seventy years since a twister dropped Dorothy in Oz, but today’s kids don’t care. They’re still flapping their wings like flying monkeys and pouring cups of water over little siblings’ heads to see if they’ll melt.

And now they’ll be able to see the Wizard of Oz on the big screen – a high def. version is being brought out for an anniversary run on four hundred screens across the country.

Rated the number one fantasy film by the American Film Institute last year, it’s likewise considered one of the best movie musicals with one of the best-ever movie songs. It’s earned its critics too – parents have been calling it “too scary for kids” ever since its first run on movie screens in 1939.

But additions to the lexicon (“I’m meeeeelting” or “follow the yellow brick road”) are proof enough that generation after geneartion of munchkins has sat down to watch. Have you let your kids check it out?

Maybe now’s the time – the show opens Sept. 23, but you can check out Fathom Events for a listing of theaters and to pre-purchase tickets.

What other classic kid flicks do you wish they’d bring back to the big screen?

Image: Amazon