8-Year-Old Sets Bachmann Straight About His Gay Mom

michele bachmann, same-sex marriage
Michele Bachmann leans in for her daily demonstration of the awesomeness of kids.

It’s not the media, anti-tea partiers or Newt Gingrich fans who have it in for Michele Bachmann. It’s the under 18 set!

Last week, two teens took on Bachmann‘s stance on gay marriage at a rally in Iowa. This week, an 8-year-old in South Carolina showed up at the GOP presidential hopeful’s book signing to reassure the notoriously anti-gay candidate that, no thanks, his gay mom doesn’t need to be fixed.

Watch Bachmann lean over the table so she could hear the soft-spoken little guy in this short video:

The boy’s comment catches Bachmann off guard — it would anyone who has come out in support of a ban on same-sex marriage. Props go to Bachmann for not trying to argue with the kid (or the mom, who stands beside the boy the whole time and likely encouraged him to approach the candidate in the first place).

Most interesting is how those too young to vote are the ones underscoring the idea that gay marriage isn’t a political talking point, but a real hypocrisy for those who oppose it but purport to be into civil rights and the Constitution.