8-Year-Old Writes Dad Poignant, Hilarious Note About Empathy (PHOTO)

Fierce little girl
Don't discount the big lessons learned from little kids

Sometimes we teach our kids valuable lessons. But sometimes they teach us even more. Like a Twitter user named Simonhac, who learned in an eloquent note from his daughter that he should be thinking about the Golden Rule more often, especially as it concerns him and his old age.

Simonhac wrote:

“Today I armed my kids with unrolled paperclips and asked them to pop the two-week-old helium balloons that have been kicking around our house at ground level since my daughter’s birthday. I was not aware that my 8 year old daughter had given the balloons personalities and was really not happy with my plans for them. She was so upset she couldn’t talk, but marched into the room and gave me this note. Bad Dad!”

Check out the note below:


"Would you like it if just because you were getting old you got popped?"


Source: Jezebel (via Boing Boing)

Letter photo credit: Twitter

Top photo credit: iStock

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