80-Year-Old Spanish Nun Charged in Baby Stealing Operation

The Kidnapping Nun

I was always under the impression that nuns were there to protect the young, poor, and powerless (a la Mother Teresa) or that they were loving and nurturing like Maria from The Sound of Music. But apparently Spanish nun Maria Gomez ain’t that saintly. According to reports the 80-year-old sister had a side business, in which she was stealing newborn babies from families and selling them.A group of people in Spain are claiming that she was part of a “scheme involved a nationwide network, including doctors, nurses, midwives, nuns and intermediaries.” And some families didn’t even know their child was stolen. After their baby’s birth, these families were reportedly told their child was stillborn.

The nun had apparently been involved with kidnapping babies for years, but in this particular case she is being charged with taking a baby girl  from a Madrid hospital in 1982. According to the BBC, thousands of babies may have been stolen since the Franco era. They noted that the “practice is believed to have been motivated by a desire to remove children from ‘undesirable’ left-wing parents and give them to ‘approved’ right-wing families.”

The woman whose case the nun is being charged with was actually reunited with her daughter last year. Hopefully other families will be brought together as more information is discovered.

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