9-Year-Old Earns Chess Master Title

samuel sevian, chess master
Chess Master! And fourth-grader.

A 9-year-old boy from Santa Clara, Calif., has become the youngest chess master ever.

The United States Chess Federation named Samuel Sevian a chess master, at a competition in San Francisco earlier this month. There, he earned a score of 2,201 — one point higher than the needed to get the “national master” title. It takes 2,400 points to earn the “senior master” title, which he’ll probably do at some point.

Sevian beat out Nicholas Nip by 11 days for being the youngest person to earn the title. Before that, Hikaru Nakamura held the record for 10 years, after he earned the title when he was 10 years old.

Sevian has been playing chess since he was 5. He spends two hours a day studying chess in books and playing with his coach via Skype and also practicing with his father, who has earned the level of “expert.”

Awesome. The coach thing is kind of disappointing, though. It seems behind any astounding kid accomplishment, there’s a team of paid experts helping the little one along. But hey! Keeps him off the streets.


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