9-Year-Old Gives Birth


In China, an unnamed 9-year-old schoolgirl gave birth by C-section to a 6lb. baby boy. The father has not been identified but authorities are very interested in finding his as sex with those under the age of 14 in the girl’s province comes with an automatic rape conviction.

The girl’s situation seems common in China. A hospital in China’s largest city, Shanghai, recently said that about 30 per cent of abortions were on school-aged girls.

While amongst the youngest mothers in history, the girl isn’t the youngest. That distinction belongs to a Peruvian girl, Lina Medina, who became pregnant at 5 and gave birth at 6 back in 1939. In that case, the girl’s son was healthy baby boy who grew into adulthood but eventually succumbed to bone marrow disease. Lina is still alive, married and living in Peru.

While details of the Chinese girl are less known as of yet, it’s possible she, like Lina, went through precocious puberty (a term I only just now learned) which cause early sexual maturation in girls. However, many argue environmental factors (hormones in meat, etc.) are creating early puberties in the world’s girls. Both my wife and sister had their first cycles before the age of 10.

Have you noticed puberty ages dropping?

Sources: Huffington Post, Wikipedia

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