9 Year Old Injured In Car When Mom Grabs Whiskey


whiskeyA Chicago woman, 48-year-old Cheryl Ranae Reynolds, has been arrested and accused of the following crime.

She was allegedly driving her SUV when she reached for a bottle of whiskey. Her 9-year-old daughter was in the passenger seat. The bottle fell to the floor. The SUV crashed. The girl hit her head on the windshield. Both were “taken to the hospital,” the story on Huffington Post (which is from the Associated Press) does not give a status on their injuries.

Reynolds “has been charged with reckless driving and aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, among other offenses,” according to the report. Sheesh, what “other offenses”? I guess endangering the welfare of a child?

Not that this is the most henious part of this story, but aren’t 9-year-old’s supposed to be in the back seat?

Hopefully everyone comes out of it with only psychological scars — I know, that’s not much, but what else can one say? — and that mom gets help for what has to be a serious problem with alcohol.

Source: AP via HuffPo

Image: SXC