A $5 App That's Actually Worth It


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Personally, I’m the queen of free stuff. I’ve been a bargain hunter since birth, and I’m always really aware of the value I’m getting from the money I spend. When it comes to apps, I’m all about free, (there are so MANY to choose from), but every now and then I come across an app that costs money, for good reason.

Any working parent sharing hands-on baby responsibility with their co-parent, a nanny, daycare, or a babysitter knows that Baby interacts with a lot of people throughout the course of a day. While Parent might want to know what Baby did every minute, that’s just not realistic given that we’re all human, and we forget stuff. Baby Connect ($4.99, App Store), allows everyone attending to Baby to log all baby-ish activity into the app, and it’s instantly shared across everyone in Baby’s network of caregivers. It’s like Star Trek mind meld for everyone in Baby’s life!

Wondering if Nanny gave Baby her ear infection medication already? Check the app. Did Baby nap enough today? Check the app. What’s that song Dad sings that makes Baby stop screaming uncontrollably? Check the app. (Okay, or maybe make Dad put it on YouTube). Five dollars for peace of mind is nothing short of a steal. Connect your baby’s caregiver network with an all-in-one app that gives the grown ups in Baby’s life a collective memory.

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