A Black Actress Will Play the Mother of Louis C.K.'s White Kids in Season 3 of Louie

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Louis C.K. stars as "Louie."

Interesting entertainment tidbit! Louis C.K. appeared on Kimmel last night to announce “an unconventional casting choice he made for Season 3,” according to The Huffington Post. (His groundbreaking, critically-acclaimed FX series Louie begins new episodes on Thursday, June 28 at 10:30 pm.) C.K. says he cast a black actress to play the biological mother of his “extremely white” children. Susan Kelechi Watson has been cast as Louie’s ex-wife. (The show is largely autobiographical, but Louis’ real-life ex-wife is a white woman.) Here’s what Louis had to say about casting Watson:

It’s worth nothing that this type of racially blind casting has been going on in theatre for a long time, but this is a fairly new thing for television. I can’t think of a sitcom off the top of my head that used a player which asked us to think beyond race in terms of casting, to accept a black actress as being the biological (not adoptive or step) mother of white children. This will be a fascinating experiment, and by now his audience has come to expect nothing less from C.K.

Via The Huffington Post

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