A Dad's Advice on How to Answer THE Question


alien-resurrection-ripleySo far we’ve managed to be relatively vague about the question — the question.

How are babies made?

So far we’ve gotten away with a simple explanation that babies grow in stomachs and then they pop out one day. In my mind, I was thinking something along the lines of Sigourney Weaver and Alien, while my daughter, not yet 4, seemed to contemplate the idea for a moment before nodding as if it all made sense.

But when she’s really after more details, I think I’m going to turn to aptly named Creative Type Dad, who recently came up with the perfect answer:

“My seed, otherwise know as ‘sperma’ or haploid with 23 chromosomes, and mommy’s egg, also with 23 chromosomes met in the mommy’s womb and formed a diploid cell and after it fertilized a zygote was formed, which is basically a baby, and now you’ll be a big sister in a few months. Now go clean your room, brush your teeth, be nice to mommy, and don’t forget to wash your hands after using the bathroom. I love you.”

It seems like it would work.

What age did you kids press for more details and how much did you spill at an early age?

— Mike @ Cry It Out!