A Day in the Life: 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Janice Croze

mom bloggerMy turn! Yes, we MomCrunch bloggers are taking turns telling it like it is!

What does a day look like in our mom blogging madness? (You can catch up with Cecily as she kicked off our new “A Day In the Life” seriesand Justice Fergie’s A Day in the Life post if you missed them.)

At 6am I wake up. Not sure what wakes me — perhaps my mom radar that alerted me that one of my kids is up before I am. I stumble out of my room and look over the railing at my nine year old son, perched on the couch digesting his breakfast of cartoons. Ugghh — this is the same child that finally succumbed to sleep at 10:15pm the night before. (The joys of passing on a sleep disorder to my offspring.)

Grateful that it is my nine year old that is up, not my almost-four year old, I crawl back into bed. This day is not going to start at 6am! I worked till 2am the night before, and 3:40am the night before that. Tired doesn’t begin to describe my situation.

At 7:45am, I begin the “get in the car” scramble. I have to drive Jackson because I am crazy a fabulous parent who drives him to a French Immersion school instead of the neighbourhood school half a block down our street. (I am Canadian – note the extra u in neighbourhood – and the government gives us the option of a French Immersion program.) My daughter has preschool in the afternoon, but for now she comes along for the ride.

When I pull into my driveway, it is almost 9am. Time to eat breakfast at my laptop. I feed my daughter bites of Cheerios in between tweets and scanning emails for fires. There are always fires.

I publish a post I had drafted the night before, (grateful for the work I did at 1am,) and then take my laptop upstairs so my daughter’s nanny can watch her and I can concentrate a bit better.

At about 11am, I take a “lunch break.” Hey, if those office types can do it, then I can too! But there is no heading out to pick up a sandwich. The only break I want is with my pillow.

I crash for about an hour before I wake up at 12pm, my mind racing with everything I still need to do. The constant dilemna: when you have way more to get done in the day than is possible, how do you choose what to do first?

Today, I have a broken up afternoon. Often Susan and I juggle picking up Jackson and the girls from school and so I will often have a solid afternoon to work. But today I can only squeeze in some emails, add some edits to a post, and send a few tweets, before I have to go to my doctor, then pick up my son from school at 2:30pm, bring him home and meet his behavioral therapist at 4:30pm for our hour+ session at our house.

Between school and my son’s therapist, I have about a couple hours. Normally I would head straight over to the preschool and pick up my daughter, but today her nanny is bringing her home.

So, with only one child in my van, I decide to take the opportunity to stop and buy a new suitcase for my upcoming trip to NYC for the She Streams Conference. On the way I get distracted by a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans on sale and ohhh… boots! Who needs a new suitcase right? I will duct tape it — I buy the boots, the jeans, and a few other items. And yes, my suitcase will be the cracked gold one with duct tape doing its magic.

After my son’s therapist leaves at 6pm, it is time to start my eight hour “writing shift”. I scarf down pita bread with leftover steak, kiss my kids and my husband good bye. He will put the kids to bed while I head to Starbucks to write.

Starbucks kicks me out at 12am and so I return to my kitchen table, eating another bowl of cereal at my laptop.

And that is where you find me now. My son, (that sleep deprived one,) is up with a cough and bad sore throat and my daughter just opened her bedroom door, and wandered out, asking, “Mom, did you buy me a present?” (She thinks every time I am not there when she goes to sleep that I have gone on a trip and will have a present for her.) “No sweetie, I was just working at Starbucks tonight. No presents this time sweet thing.”

Okay – so it is 2am and the only one sleeping in this house is my husband. Oh my. This is life as her – the professional mom blogger. But I am not complaining. I love my crazy, fabulous life!

I am exhausted though. I will not lie. As I sit and type on the floor in my daughter’s bedroom, I am looking on the positive side. I think my son has strep throat — I won’t have to drive him to school tomorrow.

P.S. It is now 3:45am. I am shutting down my machine. Daughter is asleep but my 9yr old son, who woke up from a cough, is still wide awake! I give up – I am going to bed. BTW – I added up the work hours. Despite therapy, dr appointments, school, and random acts of parenting, including as many giggles and cuddles I could squeeze out of my daughter, I fit in a 12+hour work day at my laptop. Ya, it meant catching up the hours at night, but we parent bloggers do what we gotta do!

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