A Day In the Life: Justice Fergie

Last week, Cecily kicked off our new “A Day In the Life” series here at MomCrunch, and today – it’s my turn!  Here goes…

I have three young children and a husband.  I also have a demanding day job and a demanding side gig.  Here’s what a typical weekday looks like for me…

6:15am: Alarm goes off.

6:45am: It goes off again.  I check my phone for email and the day begins! I get ready.  My husband and I get our three kids (7, 5, 3) up and ready.

7:45am – 8:15am: I pack lunches, wipe runny noses, find library books that are due, tie sneakers for PE – you get the picture; Hubby gets the kids breakfast and drops the girls to the bus stop and the boy at daycare.  I get myself together to leave for work, sending faxes and whatnot for Blogalicious as I run out the door.

8:15am: I drive 10 minutes (on the highway, in morning rush hour) to the metro station, while eating my breakfast.  I park and walk a 1/2 mile to the train, responding to blog/Blogalicious email.  I switch trains after about 15 minutes and continue my commute for another 15 minutes, then I walk another 1/2 mile to work.  If I am disciplined, I will read a book or a magazine during my commute; if I’m not, I will continue with the email torture until the train enters a tunnel and I lose reception.

9:30am: I begin my work day as an advertising and new media lawyer – meetings, casework, conference calls, etc. etc.

5:00pm: I commute home. The same 1 hour and 15 minute schlep as above, just in reverse.  I try to return voicemails, tweets and other messages for the side gig on my way home.

6:15pm: I pick up the girls from aftercare and head home, unless we have a PTA Meeting, Back to School Night, Girl Scouts or have to stop at the grocery store or whatever. (In which case, just skip down to 8:00pm).

6:30pm: Everybody’s hungry and tired.  I make dinner in 20 minutes (30 max!), catch up with the kids and we eat together as a family while trying to catch the news.

7:30pm: I clean up the kitchen, survey backpacks, review homework, unpack lunch boxes, get the kids set for the next day, run the dishwasher and throw a load of clothes in the washer while Hubby does baths (unless it’s Tuesday, which means Hubby has basketball and I’m on my own for the night).  If I’m not bone tired (and it’s not Tuesday), I might head to Zumba class.  (This is a new development).

8:00pm: Bedtime for the kids.  We read stories and say prayers.

8:15pm: I finally change out of my work clothes and sigh loudly.  With my favorite reality TV shows playing in the background, I crack open the laptop and respond to email, work on my blog, blogs I contribute to, and of course, Blogalicious until I can’t stay awake any longer.  I often have 9pm conference calls with obliging business partners and clients who understand my schedule.  Somewhere between 10pm and 11pm Hubby kicks me out of the bedroom so he can get a good night’s rest without me pecking away at the keyboard.  I end up on the living room couch or, in my neglected basement office every now and then.

12am: I crash.

And it starts all over again the next day!

Someone please make it stop.

My life is crazy, and I’m at a place where it’s extremely stressful and I’m going to have to make some choices.  But I realize that I am beyond blessed and I’m grateful for every day.  In fact, I am trying to stop being so busy being busy and to celebrate everyday.  It’s a work in progress…

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