A Dingo Ate My Baby: Another Child Attacked By Dingoes


The phrase “A dingo ate my baby,” has been a butt of many a joke. After this phrase was famously uttered by Meryl Streep in the 1988 drama A Cry in the Dark, the line became part of pop culture. But sadly, dingoes attacking babies and toddlers is true reality. The event that A Cry in the Dark was based on happened in 1980, but just last week a three-year-old girl was reportedly attacked by not one but two dingoes on Fraser Island, the Australian tourist destination where many a dingo live. Fortunately the girl only had non-serious bite wounds but the attack could have been far worse…

The girl had wandered away from her family, who were on the beach, and went over a sand dune alone reportedly to go to the bathroom.  But as she ventured off, the dingoes spotted her and attacked. Authorities said that if she had been with adults when she wandered off, she would not have been considered prey. This was the third in notable dingo attacks on children, along with the 1980 attack mentioned above, a nine-year-old was killed by two dingoes in 2001 on Fraser Island.

Note to self, keep a keen eye on your kids when in Dingo territory.

Photo: Flickr Ogwen

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