A Hilarious and Bossy Letter to the Easter Bunny

You got my letter, right? Then do what it says, bunny.

A very cute and slightly bossy letter to the Easter Bunny is making it’s way around the interwebz right now. Apparently, this little girl did not want certain types of candy in her Easter basket and wrote the bunny to make sure he knew that for sure.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Dear Easter Bunny,

I just want you to know I hate jelly beans no offense and I also hate peeps so please don’t give me peeps or jelly beans and please write that down on paper or something so you remember I don’t like them every year.

Thanks, Sinselly

Please write back.

That’s awesome. I don’t like that stuff every year, Easter Bunny. So write it down or something. On paper.

[Via Huffington Post and EPICponyz]

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