A Jackson Bombshell: Debbie Rowe - "I Want My Kids"


rowe_narrowweb__300x3140There has been much speculation about if Debbie Rowe will try to fight for custody of the two children she had on behalf of Michael Jackson. Now word is coming straight from the source Debbie Rowe herself. Rowe told KNBC in an exclusive 90-minute phone interview that “I want my children.”

There has been speculation that Rowe was not actually the biological mother. Addressing this Rowe said she will submit to any and all testing such as a DNA test to prove that she is in fact the mother to Jackson’s two older children.  Although Rowe is supposedly only the mother to two of the three children, she is concerned about splitting up the trio.

Also in the conversation she said that she would seek a restraining order to keep Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson not-so-beloved father, away from the children.

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