A Life and Love Story, As Told in Stock Images

From Love to Bingo Getty Images AlmapBBDO
Getty Image No. 73 in the video campaign

Stock images are usually kind of laughable. What, with how so many of them are so obviously staged. They’re kind of a like an exaggeration of real life.

However, a new video ad campaign for Getty Images, one of the largest stock photo agencies, sums up real life pretty well over the course of 873 images (and in one minute). It probably sounds strange — how do staged photos sum up life, right? It’s a ridiculously oversimplified statement. But the video is ridiculously simple and it pretty much hits home.

Of course the music helps set the mood in the video. But, really, the 873 images do a fine job on their own of setting the stage “from love to bingo.” Take a look and you’ll understand:

Source: Jezebel

Photo & video credit: YouTube

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