A Little Roald Dahl with Your Breakfast? His Work to Appear On Millions of Cereal Boxes


Here in the United States our cereal boxes are decorated with colorful cartoons and characters. Pure eye candy to lure young eaters. A new study even says that the cartoons on the boxes actually changes the perception of the taste for kids. But in England, they are veering away from that and are taking a much more literary approach. Puffin (which is owned Penguin Books), has partnered with a the British company Asda to print at least ten millions boxes with text from a variety of Roald Dahl’s most beloved books.

There will be excerpts from The Witches; The Twits, The BFG; Danny, the Champion of the World and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The pieces they have chosen are, “the most immediately exciting bit, something that plunges you straight into the story.” With Puffin hoping that children (and parents) will be so smitten with the tidbit of Dahl-ness that they will search out the whole books. “There could be an enormous number of children discovering Roald Dahl for the first time, bleary eyed over the breakfast table,” a rep for Puffin stated.

Would you like to see more literature on our cereal boxes and do you think this is a marketing strategy that will work?

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