A Love Life Inspired By the Oscars and Best Picture Nominees

OscarThe hopeless romantic in me finds myself picturing what life would be like if I were that girl. You know, the one in the movie, the one who has the perfect body and hair. The one who isn’t wearing the same dress she had on yesterday because she has actually showered. The one who smiles and he, whoever he is, melts. The one that reminds us how lovely love can be even in its most scripted form.

And then the credits roll and I am catapulted back to reality. A reality in which muffin tops are real, repeat outfits absolutely necessary, and I’m the one melting because not only do I have a partner who I get to go through life with but I also have two beautiful girls and a story that is in the works — being written day by day.

This weekend I plan to snuggle on the couch with my leading guy (unless we have an argument before then) and watch the Oscars. While I have only seen one of the movies nominated for Best Picture this year, it’s a chance for us to reflect on all the movies we didn’t see and make a list of movies to watch during our date nights at home. While my husband will be drawn to movies filled with action, I will make a request for the ones that are clearly all about love. We will tell each other how we “heard ___ was such a good movie” and we will reminisce on the days in which movie dates were a regular occurrence.

Although I have heard about some movies in detail, I am looking forward to seeing what I have been missing. According to Your Tango, there is inspiration for love to be found amongst the nominees this year. For instance Amour and Silver Linings Playbook are two obvious choices for the romantic at heart and yet in reading about them they seem to be both painful and beautiful all at the same time. And then there’s D’Jango and even though not recommended for those predisposed to being squirmy it is a reminder that some will do just about anything for love.

There are “love movies” and then there are movies in which love makes an appearance. There are movies that focus on how beautiful love is and make you smile. Then there are movies that remind you that while someone can be easy to love on their own, the circumstances which surround them can test even the most loyal of hearts.

Hollywood has done a great job of showing us what love is supposed to look like and for 90 minutes it is easy to get lost in all of it. Even so at the end of the day, real life no matter how un-glamorous it might be at times is filled with the beautiful lessons on love and laced with inspiration. It is also filled with real people and a chance to not just to watch love happen but to experience it long after the credits have ended.

So, this weekend as I watch awards handed out for various movies and roles I will remind myself that I win too. I’ve got the guy. I’ve got the kids. And yes, I’ve got some leftover baby weight and some crazy high piles of laundry. But it’s real. It’s mine and when the red carpet, which is not covered in dog hair, gets rolled up and put away it — my story — will continue. No script. Just real life and a whole lot of love. Real love. Read what inspiration is to be found in this year’s best picture nominees over at Your Tango.

Do you find yourself inspired by movies when it comes to love?


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