A Note On Not Taking Our Civil Liberties for Granted


I must have been under a rock! Only this morning did I learn from Catherine of this crazy amazing push to get an international activist to BlogHer in San Diego this week.  Yoani Snachez is a Cuban blogger and has been invited to receive the International BlogHer Activist Award.  As well she should.  Yoani has received prestigious awards such as Premios Ortega y Gasette in 2008, New York Times Top 25 blogs in 2009, Premio Principe Claud in 2010.  This year, Yoani received the International Women of Courage Award from the U.S. Department of State.  The BlogHers will be in for treat! Or will they?

The Cuban government has denied Yoani permission to travel to the U.S.  If you needed a reason to use your social media powers for good, helping Yoani travel to receive a much-deserved award is a great one. Here’s how you can help:

Write a post. We have this beautiful freedom in the First Amendment.  Exercise it well, wisely and often.  Today, you can exercise it on Yoani’s behalf, if you are so moved.

Tweet and reTweet. Using the hashtag #YoaniBlogHer, join in the conversation asking the Cuban Department of Interiors to allow Yoani to travel to San Diego for the week.

Spend Today Not Taking Basic Civil Liberties for Granted. Yoani doesn’t.  Could you imagine?


A note from Catherine:

If you write a post, please add it to this blog hop, at Latism. You can also help by tweeting and retweeting all the messages with the #YoaniBlogHer hashtag. Ana tells me that Yoani goes tomorrow for a final answer on whether she’ll be allowed out of the country. Please blog/tweet/holler tonight and tomorrow. Let’s be heard.

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