A Note to Tentative Bloggers: Yes! Someone DOES Want to Hear What You Have to Say!


You have no idea how many times I run into new or aspiring bloggers who tell me that they don’t post or are afraid to post because they don’t have anything to say that anyone wants to hear.  This continually blows me away because I think: “You’re an interesting person, right? with hobbies and likes and dislikes and opinions and talents and skills and viewpoints and -” you get the picture.  The thing is  – everyone has a voice with something interesting to say and someone out there (in fact, several someones) is sure to be impacted by and drawn to your musings. 

That said, rule Numero Uno for me is that you should not be blogging for anyone else – you should be blogging for you.  If you get caught up in what other people want to hear or what you shouldn’t say for fear of offending or turning someone off, you’ll become paralyzed and end up anxious and scared of your blog.  And that would be a tragedy! For your blog is your friend.

Remember that diary you had in high school? (You know, the one you hid under your bed and thought your parents would never, ever find in that most original hiding spot?) Well, think of your blog in that light.  It’s a place where you can vent, pine, daydream, experiment in a space that is yours and yours alone.  The Internet is a vast space and there is certain to be someone who enjoys reading what you have to say, can relate to your point of view, is looking for a differing opinion, or just wants to be entertained.

So my advice to those scared of their own blogs (tragic!) is to write what you want to write about.  The readers will come.  And if they don’t? What have you lost?  The personal benefits of blogging far outweigh the thrill of someone leaving a comment (although that’s pretty awesome too).  The feeling of ownership, cathartic outlet and platform for your voice is all the motivation you need to go ahead and hit “Publish.”