A Parents Guide To Whats Open On Presidents Day

Lots of businesses are closed on President's Day. A guide to what's open.

You already know one thing that’s closed for President’s Day: schools. Last Friday I offered up 10 fun things to do on President’s Day.

You may not be looking for mere fun in your day, though. Maybe you’re hoping to get something productive done, too. While you’re home with your little ones, you may be itching to do some other errands: the bank, the grocery store, maybe hit the post office.

Here’s a run down of what’s open today, and what’s not:

  • Banks are closed.
  • Post offices are closed. You won’t be getting any mail delivered at home today, either.
  • Groceries stores should in general be open.
  • City offices are closed, as are state ones. So today’s not the day to renew your license or pay an old parking ticket.
  • Schools are closed; not just your kids’ school but also your local universities and high schools. So it’s not the day for signing up for that Spanish class you’ve been meaning to take or getting your hair cut at the local beauty school.
  • Hardware stores are, for the most part, open. This might be an ideal day to tackle some house project that’s been nagging you.
  • Museums and kid’s gyms tend to be open. Call ahead to be sure, but most of the places you’d take your kids to entertain them will be open today.

What will you do with your President’s Day?

Photo: Tallent Show