A Snuggie For Your Kid And Your Dog


Kids SnuggieThe Snuggie is a controversial product. In fact, I daresay the “blanket with sleeves” has created as much heated debate as Democrats versus Republicans.

Well, maybe not that much. Still, people seem divided on whether the Snuggie is stupid and weird or the greatest warmth-creating invention since the fireplace.

Several months ago I wrote about the “baby Snuggie,” which looked remarkably like Kuato from the Ah-nuld movie ‘Total Recall.’ The thing is, that product was not a real Snuggie. This product, however, is.

Also available: the Snuggie for dogs. No. I’m not joking. Here’s a commercial.

So are these great additions to an already great product line? Or just another sign of the coming apocalypse? Check out these photos and decide for yourself.

Source: MomLogic

Images: Baltimore Sun, Snuggie Sightings, MomLogic

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