A Typical Day at a Blog Conference

First, ya gotta get there. Here I am on my flight headed toMiami.

If you’ve never attended a blogging conference, you might wonder what a typical day at the conference looks like. How does the day flow? What do you DO all day?

Well, every conference is a little bit different, but there are some basic universals. Also, they aren’t necessarily any different than other business conferences (except for the pervasive laptops and iPads and everyone being online during presentations.

Since I’ve just returned from the Mom 2.0 Summit in Key Biscayne, outside of Miami, (yes, it was beautiful there, but HOT), I took photos throughout the day so I could give you a sense of what a conference day looks like.


  • Wake up! 1 of 12
    Wake up!
    One of the loveliest things about conferences is getting to sleep in a bit; at least for me, getting up at 8am without being pummeled by a small child feels luxurious. And yes, photo is totally staged. And no, I didn't put on lipstick; I use a good long-lasting one that is often on still in the morning. REALLY. :D
  • Packing the laptop 2 of 12
    Packing the laptop
    At blogging conferences, you'll need to get online. For some that means laptop, for others that means iPad, for still others just their phone. I pack my bag with my computer and all the charging cords I'll need for the day, plus things like room key and money and lipstick and stuff.
  • Breakfast! 3 of 12
    The nice thing about most blog conferences geared toward women bloggers is that many meals are included with your registration, particularly breakfast and lunch. (At the evening cocktail parties there are often just snacks, so you might need to eat dinner elsewhere). I'll admit, most blogging conferences don't offer breakfast outside, but this was perfect for Miami.
  • Find a Seat and Break Out Your Laptops 4 of 12
    Find a Seat and Break Out Your Laptops
    Once you've finished breakfast, it's time to head into the morning keynote presentation and crack open your device of choice. You'll note that at conferences that focus on social media, nearly EVERYONE has a device to get online during presentations. It can be disconcerting at first, particularly if you are the presenter, but you get used to it.
  • Opening Keynote! 5 of 12
    Opening Keynote!
    Most conferences start off the morning with attendees in a single room enjoy a presentation from a keynote speaker or panel. They usually last about an hour, maybe a bit more, and often is more inspirational in tone than practical.
  • Lunch time! 6 of 12
    Lunch time!
    After the keynote and first break out session, it's time for lunch. Lunch is back in the big room, and is often sponsored and features food from the sponsor. This is one of the best times to chat with other folks, like me hanging out with @JusticeFergie here. All I can tell you about the giant red pin is that it was related to a promotion I was doing for a client.
  • Break Out Sessions 7 of 12
    Break Out Sessions
    Between keynotes and lunch, you'll find the break out sessions. These are usually in smaller rooms and feature a panel or a speaker focusing on a particular topic. This session was about the Hot Topics of 2012 and featured Buffy Wicks, Kristen Howerton, Samatha Ettus, and Ellen Seidman.
  • One on One Conversations 8 of 12
    One on One Conversations
    It can be easy to forget that the smaller moments of a conference are highly valuable. Here I'm grabbing a quiet poolside chat with Melanie, one of my favorite people, and just catching up on what's happening with each other.
  • Getting Ready For Evening Reception 9 of 12
    Getting Ready For Evening Reception
    After the afternoon sessions, it's time to freshen up for the evening reception and parties. Since most conference attendees are sharing a room with one or more people, you sometimes have to get creative about finding a "mirror". Here's I'm using my Photobooth app on my laptop to get ready. While most conferences offer the receptions and parties on site, but at the Mom 2.0 Summit we were doing something a bit unusual; having a party at the Versace Mansion in Miami.
  • Heading To Reception 10 of 12
    Heading To Reception
    Yep, usually this just involves an elevator ride, but this time we all loaded up into a bus to head back into Miami.
  • Party Time! 11 of 12
    Party Time!
    This is when all the brand folks and the bloggers meet and mingle. While the parties are great fun, they are also a good time to network and make connections. And while the conferences may focus on women bloggers, there are plenty of men around from brands; those two gentleman are the nice guys from 1000 Memories.
  • After the Party 12 of 12
    After the Party
    It's a more quiet time. You'll find fun conversations happening all through the hotel from the lobby to the pool to the hotel bar. And if you're lucky, you might run into a famous keynote presenter, totally geek out, and get your picture taken with her. Yes, Samantha Bee also writes here at Babble, too.

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