Abortion Ad No Big Deal? Discuss It With Us On Wednesday


Half Price Abortions in China AdvertisedThe post I wrote on about the Chinese ad offering abortions at a 50% discount to those with a student ID got a strong reaction, but not the one I expected.

It also raised a host of other important issues.

So, as Joan Rivers used to say — can we talk here?

Tune in to Morning News Live this Wednesday August 26 at 9:30am EST. Jeanne and I will discuss the abortion ad and related issues. Plus our weekly segment “What Are Crazy People Saying About Barack Obama?” (if we have time; last week we were too busy chatting). And your calls! (If you call, we’ll make the time to talk to you. We’re good like that.)

We’ll be live Wednesday August 26th, from 9:30am until 10:00am. Join the discussion by calling us at (347) 996-5362 (note: not a toll-free number). Or interact through the show chat room.