Abortion? Result of Internet Poll to Help Couple Decide

Some things should not be decided by public vote.

Pete and Alisha Arnold are both 30 years old. They’ve been married for 10 years and are expecting their first baby. Only they aren’t sure if they’re ready to be parents, which means they might get an abortion. But they might not. It’s tough to say. So they’re doing what any other (mentally disturbed), pro-choice couple would do. They’re letting total strangers help them decide via an internet poll.

I know. You don’t believe me. After all, who in the world would have the gall to do such a thing? Four words for you: Pete and Alisha Arnold. Or so they claim.

According to Gawker, the two have been blogging about their expected child since September at They’ve provided their readers with regular updates on the physical health of both the fetus and Alisha. (Oddly, no mental health updates — perhaps only because it’s so evident…) They’ve even posted ultrasound pictures and videos.

And on the top of the right-hand sidebar, they’ve posted something else — a graphic of their poll, hosted by, which poses the following question: Should We Give Birth or Have an Abortion?

Pete told Gawker that the poll will be open until December 7th which is just two days before Alisha’s pregnancy reaches the end of its 20th week. At that point and beyond, an abortion is illegal. This, of course, means that the couple will have two days during which they would be allowed by law to terminate the pregnancy.

So will the poll be the end-all-be-all factor in their decision? No, it will not. Or so the couple told Gawker. “They (their readers) might vote for something, but the president (Pete and Alisha) has the final veto…It’s kind of like Congress.”

You know what else it’s kind of like? Crazy.

“If it’s (the verdict) overwhelming one way or the other, that will carry a lot more weight.”

You know what else is starting to carry a lot more weight? The case to call child services on these clowns.

The whole episode is so far beyond the realm of decency that it’s hard to figure out exactly what to make of it. But Adrian Chen, the Gawker writer who covered the story, has come up with three possible scenarios. And I agree with her. I think this thing could either be a hoax, some type of pro-life stunt, or, the awful truth spoken by two disturbed people.

When asked if it was a prank, Pete insisted that Alisha and he “are taking this very seriously,”  And Alisha dismissed the notion that the two are really pro-lifers executing a publicity stunt. “It’s definitely not a pro-life campaign,” she said. “I believe in a woman’s right to choose.”

The Arnolds don’t exactly strike me as credible, but if they are, indeed, telling the truth, then that leaves just one plausible explanation. This absurd and morbid situation is actually what it appears to be: a couple wanting a helpful push from perfect strangers when it comes to one of the most personal decisions one could ever make.

Me personally? I don’t know what to believe. Oh. Except for this. As I mentioned at the start of this piece, the couple’s abortion debate stems from the fact that they aren’t sure “whether they’re ready to be parents.” I believe that all day long.

Only I think they’re giving themselves way too much credit given that they’re even conflicted on the matter. Because based on their actions? There’s no way these two are ready to be parents. Not even close.

What do you make of this mess?

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