Abortion Via Twitter


baby-10-17-2007_9_crop2In the past, abortion — in the specific, personal sense — has been a private, personal thing.  At least, that’s what I assume since I’ve never encountered anyone at a party chatting about their procedure or had anyone tell me about what they went through at the office water cooler.  Like sex itself, I suspect most people keep their own experiences to themselves.  This, however, is no longer the case, at least for one Florida woman.  Angie Jackson, a well-known blogger and twitter user has been documenting her abortion online.

Ms. Jackson’s first pregnancy nearly resulted in her death and doctors told her afterward that she should not get pregnant again.  That advice, along with the care her four-year-old son needs, led her to the decision that, if she became pregnant, she would abort.  So when she did find herself pregnant, despite the use of an IUD, she saw a doctor, got a prescription for RU-486, and began taking it.  And tweeting about it.

Jackson, an outspoken and prolific blogger and twitterer, put a video on YouTube talking about the process.  Since then, she’s received hate mail, death threats, and enough insults to last a lifetime.  She has been in touch with the FBI and the police now drive by her house hourly.  But she’s also received plenty of support and gratitude from her followers.  “You have taken some of the mystery & terror out of non-surgical abortion” wrote one person.  Another said she hadn’t heard of RU-486 previously and thanked her for raising awareness.

And that’s part of why she is suffering through the hate and threats — to raise awareness and acceptance.  As another blogger asked, why should she — or any woman — be ashamed of something that’s legal?

Photo: Uncle Roger