About That Too-Cute Backpack: Update On What My Kid Really Took To School

Drama Mama: I worried for nothing over a silly backpack.

So, all the worry was for naught. I’d stupidly obsessed over my son’s backpack choice for his first day of school this year: Does This Backpack Make My Kid Look Dorky? (Don’t miss the enlightening comments!)

Would other kids make fun of him? What it too immature? Did he think it was adorable just because I thought it was cute? Was he expressing himself or ME?


And so- as we gathered the recommended school supplies and folders and “parent/school planner” for full day kindergarten– the elephant backpack was too small! It wouldn’t even zip up part way. He couldn’t take it after all.

So, with no dramatic fanfare or tears or even a scent of disappointment, he casually went to the closet and grabbed the Star Wars backpack his older brother used in kindergarten, filled it with his school supplies, and set it by the door.

I know I’ve learned my lesson, and today was only the first day of school.