AboutOne Collab Makes Mom Bloggers An Integral Part Of Their Marketing Strategy


Working with mom bloggers to promote a product targeted at families seems like such a no-brainer.  Then why is it that it strikes us as cutting-edge and outside of the box when we encounter a company that actually does just that?  Surely it’s because, while many companies do launch social media campaigns with a mom blogger component, rarely do we see a marketing strategy where mom bloggers are a key element in that strategy.  Thankfully, strides continue to be made everyday and the latest successful brand-momblogger collaboration on our radar is AboutOne.

AboutOne is the first comprehensive online family information management system that helps busy moms preserve and share family memories and manage household information, all in ONE place.  But AboutOne is so much more than a digital filing cabinet! It saves time on everyday activities by auto-magically creating family newsletters and digital scrapbooks, health summaries and caregiver instructions, paper cards that mail themselves, and so much more.

You just open your account and capture events as life happens. You can email information directly to your account from your scanner or phone, which is just ideal for busy families on the go. With AboutOne, you have the information you need, right at your fingertips, to respond quickly to a medical or other emergency.

Aside from having a interesting product, the depth of their mom blogger outreach is impressive.  In addition to developing a Mom Panel, the company has also brought several mom bloggers on board as contributing writers. But wait! There’s more.

Since sponsoring a local mom blogger event in Philadelphia in 2010, AboutOne has hired a plethora of local mom bloggers, including our own Cecily Kellogg, to do PR and outreach for them – a reportedly well-paying, part-time gig.

According to AboutOne:

We make it a point to first work with this mom blogger demographic as AboutOne customers. We know it is important for the blogging community to authentically connect with their readers, so we want to make sure they really “feel the love” for AboutOne. Another important reason for focusing so heavily on the mom blogger demographic is that they have been very open to giving us product feedback, which we rely heavily on to continue to improve AboutOne.

Not lost on the AboutOne mom blogger team is the fact that the company is run by moms and funded by women.  Perhaps this is the magical formula – at least in these early days of blogger outreach – that’s needed to elevate the status of mom bloggers from peripheral influencers blogging and tweeting for chump change to respected collaborators in corporate marketing plans.

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