Achooo! Kids Books for Surviving the Flu


felicity-floo-visits-the-zooIt’s all anyone’s talking about in the nursery school line these days, so is it any wonder kids books about getting sick are a hot commodity these days?

Babble took a look at two of the biggies and weighed out what kids will learn (and more importantly – should you spend your money?):

Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo – All the animals in the zoo have the creeping crud, and it’s all been linked back to Felicity and her slimy green hands. A subtle message on good handwashing, this fun rhyming book from Candlewick Press shows with bright green handprints how dirty hands can easily spread germs. Verdict: Get it for the toddler AND the elementary schooler.

the-seven-sneezesThe Seven Sneezes – Everything’s a disaster when the rag man sneezes. An exaggerated story of what happens when you don’t cover your mouth for a sneeze (or a cough for that matter), kids will love the silly set up and the talking animals. And you’ll love the easy way to slip the “cover your mouth” lecture into bedtime. Verdict: Get it for older toddlers (it’s a big long for the little ones) and the elementary schoolers.

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