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Actor Doug Hutchison, 51 Marries 16-Year-Old Aspiring Singer…What?

By daniellesmith |

Actor Doug Hutchison (The Green Mile) was somewhere around 35 years old when Courtney Stodden (pictured left) was BORN.  This week, the 51-year-old married the now-reportedly 16-year-old, Stodden.  Stodden is an aspiring country-pop singer and is signed with Hutchison’s production company, Dark Waters. (apropos name, yes?) My first thought… WHERE ARE HER PARENTS?  Oh…  apparently right there in Clark County, Nevada with her – where, at 16, all you need is parental consent to tie the knot.  (They gave it) And supposedly their best wishes. Do you want to know when I would give consent for my 16-year-old CHILD to get married?  The first of NEVER. My second thought…. after seeing her pictures (like the one to the left… is she REALLY only 16?)  I do know looks can be decieiving, and clearly she is made-up to appear older… her figure is fully developed, and based on this video, someone is teaching her to behave as though she is older but still….

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Can we expect this aspiring teen star to be in the next round of Hollywood’s Youngest Moms?

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13 thoughts on “Actor Doug Hutchison, 51 Marries 16-Year-Old Aspiring Singer…What?

  1. Allie says:

    A 16-year-old can’t even decide what to wear tomorrow, but yet they can decide who they want to marry? Really?

  2. Tania says:

    What does a 16 year old have in common with a 51 year old? It takes more than just physical attraction to build a strong relationship. When I was 22, I admit, I dated a man that was 14 years older than me. But that relationship came to an end 3 months later when I realized that it wasn’t going to work out. We didn’t have much in common to talk about or bond over. I’m now married and my husband is only a year and a half older than me. I’m proud to say that he’s also my best friend. I can’t imagine in what ways a 3 decade gap between two people could positively impact a marriage.

  3. stephanie says:

    i did a short look and found a video of her at 14 ‘performing’ christina aguilera’s “candyman”

  4. Diera says:

    Well, 16 to 51 is pretty creepy, but my mother-in-law was married at 17 (to a 24 year old, which isn’t nearly as creepy but just as unacceptable to modern eyes) and stayed married to him until the day she died. That was a long time ago, and I think teenagers used to be treated more like adults then so they were more prepared for adult commitments, but it’s not like there’s a strictly biological reason an older teenager can’t commit to a marriage, at least in some cases. This is more culturally unacceptable than universally unacceptable.

  5. Rosana says:

    I think it is nasty and more unbelievable is that her parents are cool with it. I am sure next year they will be asking for a grandkid, ugh!!!

  6. Rosana says:

    17 to 24 is only 7 years apart not 35!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kaycee says:

    LOL. This story is over 2 months old! Come on Babble!

  8. story11 says:

    This has to be Andrea’s daughter.

  9. Diera says:

    @Rosana: Yes, of course, and I acknowledged that. However, I don’t think most modern parents would let their 17-year-old daughter marry a 24 year old either, or ANYBODY for that matter. I was mostly responding to the first commenter who said, “A 16-year-old can’t even decide what to wear tomorrow, but yet they can decide who they want to marry? Really?” Yes, in a lot of cases, older teens are capable of making big life decisions, or would be if our society hadn’t come to believe that people are basically big irresponsible kids until their mid-twenties if not later. These days we treat nine year olds like they’re three, teens like they’re nine, and 22 year olds like they’re teens. (Wow, do I sound crotchety or what?) I got married at 28, so this isn’t a personal thing, I just don’t know why American teenagers are so uniquely ‘young’ compared to most of the rest of the world. We’re so concerned about preserving childhood that we’ve kind of forgotten to prepare our kids for adulthood.

  10. Jenna says:

    There are a lot of people getting married when I know it won’t last or be a healthy relationship, if I got bent out of shape over all of them I’d never get anything else done. P.S. There are several states where you can get married at 14 with parental consent.

  11. a.r. says:

    Ok that is soooooo disgusting. I don’t even feel comfortable dateing someone 10 years older than me. . I would give those parents the worst parent of the year award. I mean come on teenagers need direction. It seems to me that her parents are being more like “i dont want you anymore so go marry a pervert.”

  12. Sophie K. says:

    I’m 28 and my husband is 51 (and in MUCH better shape than any of my 20 and 30 year old male friends). We have been married for 8 years and have 3 gorgeous kids:a 7 year old, 5 year old and 2 year old. We couldn’t be happier and I find it offending to hear the ‘disgusting’ comments. I sometimes wish he was younger so I could avoid the stares I get when I hold hands with him, and I really HATE when someone refers to him as my dad, but I guess that comes with the territory and I just have to deal with it. Age is just a number and there is nothing disgusting about love. That was just my rant, but that being said, I do think 16 is too early to get married regardless of the husbands’ age.

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