Adorable 3-Year-Old Explains Ref's Bad Call


When even a three-year-old can see that the ref made a bad call, it’s pretty bad.

In this YouTube video uploaded by a proud dad, a curly-haired tot explains, “the referee said it’s touching that pole, but it’s really not!”

Meanwhile, her older sister is on a play phone, saying, “Hey, Mr. Pole, the football is supposed to be touching you. What has happened? The football’s not touching you.”

The little girls are referring to an obviously terrible call during Tuesday’s Outback Bowl game between the University of Michigan and the University South Carolina. The referee’s call incorrectly gave a first down to Michigan. In the end, South Carolina won anyway, 33-28.

Even people who aren’t college football fans will get a kick out of this:

(via: The Post Game)

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