Adorable Ballerina Tot Steals the Show on Season Premiere of 'So You Think You Can Dance' (Video)


The search for America’s next dancing star is back with the season 9 premiere of So You Think You Can Dance airing on Fox last week. Are you watching? I have to admit, until this year I have ignored the hype. As a person devoid of rhythm, every contestant on the show appears to have skill, which makes it a confusing hour for me.

However, I happened to have guests over the night it aired, one of which was a dancer who insisted I give the show a try, I think I may be hooked. Despite my lack of skill on the dance floor, it was entertaining and even funny to watch the auditions.

My favorite part of the show was the audition of Bree Hafen, a mom of two from Texas, who brought her son Luke, 11, and daughter Stella, 2, along with her. Bree’s talent earned her a ticket to the next round in Las Vegas, but the real entertainment of the evening was provided by her 2-year-old daughter Stella.

Stella took the stage after her mother’s audition, dressed adorably in a pink tutu and matching bow, to dance a little ballet for the judges. Her performance is too cute for words and earned her a standing ovation. Watch the clip here:


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