Adorable Kid Tries To Blow Dandelion Spores (VIDEO)


toddlerThey say that if you make a wish and blow the spores of a dandelion, your wish comes true.

Not sure what happens if you eat the dandelion, though.

As a quick aside, dandelions are deeply rooted in folklore. Did you know that they used to be woven into wedding bouquets and symbolize good luck for the bride and groom?

Legend has it that the tallest dandelion stalk that a kid could find in the early spring will show how much taller he or she will grow in the coming year.

Some people eat dandelions. Others make dandelion herbal tea, and others use them as medicine.

So maybe a toddler in Florida had the right idea when she tries and tries to blow her dandelion but ends up with a mouthful of fluff instead. Check it out. Cuteness overload.

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