Adorable Spelling Bee Contestant Misses Word in Most Confident Way Possible [Video]


Call it the pride before the fall. 15-year-old Jacob Williamson was certain he knew the word given to him at the Scripps Spelling Bee Thursday night.


You know, kabaragoya! You could totally spell it, right? Yeah, well, neither could Jacob even though he was absolutely certain he had it in the bag.

Alas, it was not to be. But the teen’s premature celebration is still hilarious to behold.

“I know it! I know it! I totally know it!” he exclaimed.

He totally did not know it. And it is totally funny.

“WHAT?” He shrieks in disbelief.

Man, I I love this kid. Move over Sheldon Cooper, there’s a new nerd in town. Seriously, there needs to be a sitcom based on this kid’s life. Someone get on that, yeah?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, a kabaragoya is a type of lizard in Asia. Sheldon Cooper could’ve told you that.


Image source: YouTube

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