Adult Sesame Street Halloween Costumes - And I Mean Adult

sexy cookie monster
Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...

Hey ladies!  Feel like wearing matching Mommy and Me costumes out trick-or-treating with the kids this Halloween?  Try this “Sesame Street – Cookie Monster Sassy Female Adult Costume!”  All the Dads are sure to scream “ME WANT COOOOOKIIIIIEEES!”

Ah yes, it was only a matter of time I suppose before the epidemic of sexy female Halloween costumes corrupted the muppet family.  With options like trampy Elmo and this flapper-inspired Big Bird get-up, you’re sure to be the talk of the town.  Which I’m not so sure is a good thing…

If you’ve been reading my posts, you must have some idea about how much I love Sesame Street, and while I do think these costumes could be cute, I hate that they’re being sold as the furry equivalent of the french maid outfit.  Women’s Halloween costumes have been sexualized for well over a decade now, but dressing as a beer maid is one thing – cavorting around as a trampy Abby Cadabby is another.  For more Halloween nightmares, check out Paula’s list of the Top 5 Worst Kids Costumes (including mini french maid), and my fellow comedian and pal Brooke Van Poppelen‘s original post on Tru TV’s Dumb as a Blog.

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