Advice for the Non-Networked from a Blogger

Bonnie Stewart of The Crib Chronicles

Those of us that live and work online often also work from home, and sometimes what we do seems frivilous and, well, a lot like NOT working to those that are unfamiliar with how we work.

Bonnie, the author of the great blogs Crib Chronicles and Theory, shared an incident on her blog recently that highlighted those differences starkly with a friend and also offers some great advice to those that love us connected folk.

It starts with this:

it was 3pm.

what are you doing? i asked, intending more friendliness than my voice really managed and trailing off before the accusatory “doing HERE” slipped out.

not working, she grinned, shrugged. what are you doing?

my answer spilled before i could stop myself, but when it did, i let it sit for a beat, between us.



She goes on to talk about her friend, who happened to be on vacation. Her friend was gushing about being off for two weeks, for “not even checking email” something Bonnie cannot fathom, nor does she really want to.

i don’t get it, but i got to tell you, it sounds nice. really. it does. nicer than Bermuda, even.

the beat meant to say, i feel helpless because we have become different species, my friend, and iknow you don’t mean to offend and neither do i. i swear on my mother.

Bonnie goes on to offer excellent advice about the “care and feeding of networked humans.” She discusses how “Networked is Constant,” and “Networked is Time-Managed” and “Networked is in two (or six) places at once.” (Boy, does that all ring true.)

But she ends the post on a happy note.

still. i believe that networked humans and non-networked humans CAN get along. i believe in a world of peace and love between those of us trying to learn to walk the blended personal/professional tightrope, and those who’ve chosen other walks in life. this is my missive to them.

Go read it. It’s excellent reading (and I’d suggest to subscribing to both her blogs, too!).

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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