Advice for Young Girls from a Cartoon Princess (Video)

Tangled, Disney Princesses
Rapunzel's not the only Disney Princess who knows how to get a man.

Tomorrow, the world will meet Disney’s first – and possibly last – 3D princess. Tangled, a newfangled re-telling of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel, follows Rapunzel and her sidekick, Flynn Rider, as they “set out on a journey that will include a tavern full of theatrical thugs, chase scenes and moments of budding romance,” according to ABC News. Jake Coyle reviewed the film and says, “One can’t help but wonder if in today’s Hollywood, we might look forward to other contempo fairy tales like “Heeled” (“Cinderella”), “Ambiened” (“Sleeping Beauty”) and “Twilight 5″ (“Little Red Riding Hood”).”

Coyle’s very clever, and not too far off. Chicago-based comedy troupe The Second City has been satirizing the Disney Princess canon since this summer, as part of a series called “Advice for Young Girls from a Cartoon Princess.”  Sit back, relax and laugh as Ariel, Belle and Snow White put a hilarious, modern spin on the age old problem of how to be the perfect woman who can snag the man of her dreams.

Photo: ABC News