Afternoon Roundup: Crib and Stroller Recalls, Teenage Cutting, More

Valco Baby Stroller Recall
Valco Baby Stroller Recall

Crib and Stroller Recalls

First things first! The Consumer Product Safety Commission Announced some recalls affecting parents this week, including almost 13,000 Valco Baby jogging strollers that pose a strangulation risk and Alexander Designs drop-side cribs for JCPenney that can cause entrapment, suffocation and fall hazards.  As we reported in July, the production and sale of drop-side cribs has been banned; regulations should go into effect before 2011.

Teenage Cutting Underreported

ScienceDaily reports that “40.8 percent of patients with eating disorders in their study had documented incidents of intentionally harming themselves, most often by cutting and burning,” a new study shows.  However, “inadequate clinical screening might mean the count should be much higher.”  If you have a child who is battling an eating disorder, be sure to talk to them about their behaviors and seek medical help.

Hero Mom Saves 5 in Blaze

A heroic mother in Louisville, KY saved her three children and 2 nieces in a house fire, but lost her life in the process.  Louisville Fire Department Captain Melendez is quoted as saying, “I can safely say that if it weren’t because of the working smoke alarms that the mother heard, we would’ve have had more than one fatality this morning.”  Check your batteries!

Malaysian Monkey Snatches Baby

In a sad and strange story, a wild monkey “snatched [a] baby from her family’s living room” in the Negri Sembilan state of Malaysia.  According to MSNBC, there is a “booming macaque population” in Malaysia, many of which are “riddled with disease.”  Hopefully this case will incite public officials to rid their cities of these dangerous animals.

Run, Mommy, Run!

Heather Cabot has written an essay for Psychology Today about the effects of exercise on parenting.  In it, she cites a “2005 study of middle aged and older women in the U.K.” which found that “exercise over a 10 week period boosted feelings of achievement, empowerment and well-being.”  I love this quote from mom athlete Jessica Cribbs about bringing a sporting attitude to caring for children.  She says, “You do what it takes, because you’re either in it focused and ready to go, or things will fall apart.”

Finally, a Reality TV Shocker

In this jaw-dropping story, an Italian mother was informed of her daughter’s passing on live TV.  Concetta Serrano was summoned to her brother-in-law’s home by the producers of a reality show about missing persons called Chi l’ha Visto and told her brother-in-law was responsible for her daughters’ death.  Gawker has the story – and the clip (in Italian) – saying, “A stunned Concetta Serrano murmurs ‘my brother-in-law is innocent’ and ‘I can’t believe it’ while she sits in alleged killer Michele Misseri’s dining room.”  Reprehensible.  My thoughts go out to Serrano and her family.

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