Again?!? ANOTHER Child Served Booze! 4-Year-Old Given Cocktail at Chilis

4-Year-Old Girl Given a Mudslide

Once was bad, twice was terrible, and now it is being reported that a third young child has been served alcohol while dining at a big chain restaurant. Seriously? What is going on! In just about a week’s time, there have been three children given booze when they should have been getting nothing harder than apple juice.

First, there was the case of a baby being given a margarita at Applebee’s, then there was the report of a toddler being served a sangria at Olive Garden. And now news has hit that a 4-year-old girl was given a alcoholic mudslide in lieu of a chocolate shake at Chili’s. How could this happen…again?

The mudslide looks apparently a lot like a chocolate shake. Except that the mudslide is spiked with vodka. The milkshake and the mudslide were sitting side by side at the bar and were accidently swapped and given to the wrong customers. The young girl drank from the cocktail several times before complaining that she didn’t like it. After her mom took a sip, she “knew immediately” that it had booze in it. She took her child to the ER (after calling the police) and it turned out she had an alcohol overdose and was then treated at the hospital.

Seriously, doesn’t it seem odd that there were three different cases of this happening in such a short time span? Has this always been happening and parents just didn’t notice, blaming those terrible twos or thinking their child was just acting out, not drunk? Or is it just a very timely coincidence?

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