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Again? Really? Another Child Accidentally Shoots Someone

By amberdoty |

How many times is this going to happen? I’m honestly sick of stumbling across these headlines when perusing the news and it seems to occur almost daily.

At the risk of bringing the wrath of card-carrying NRA members down upon me, sometimes I question whether the right to own a hand gun is really a necessary one. I can’t remember the last time I heard of anyone shooting a deer for their family’s dinner with a semi-automatic pistol and I’m baffled by the number of people who feel the need to purchase and carry one. As KCRG reports, a Mason City, Iowa father was rushed to the hospital yesterday after his 4-year-old son shot him with his hand gun. The little boy found the gun, unsecured, in his father’s truck and when he picked it up the weapon fired shooting the man, Chris Upenieks, 29, in the knee.

Upenieks was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and reportedly had a permit to carry the gun. I wonder if he had a permit to leave the gun unattended in the reach of a child? Oh, that’s right. Those don’t exist and neither do measures beyond a background check and a waiting period that would keep guns out of the hands of individuals who are not responsible gun owners or (yes, I’m going to go there) parents.

Thankfully, in this situation no one was killed, but that isn’t the case in many of the headline-making stories I read involving children and gun accidents. I am happy to learn that the gun owner in this story could potentially be charged with child endangerment and leaving a loaded and unsecured weapon in the reach of a child. Though he learned a hard lesson about proper gun storage, I can’t help but wonder when we are going to be ready as a nation to address the problem of increasing death and injury by gun violence without accusing those of us who oppose the ownership of weapons which aren’t used to hunt for food of infringing upon rights.

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5 thoughts on “Again? Really? Another Child Accidentally Shoots Someone

  1. goddess says:

    We have quite a few pistols and rifles. For target shooting. Each of our children who has expressed an interest in them (the boys not the girl) has been taken to gun safety classes and taught to handle, load and unload guns safely. However, all of the guns are locked up in one safe and ammunition is kept offsite unless in transit to and from the range.Id’ have it no other way. And if need ever be, defense of ourselves at home. It’s a right I’d not give up. And I refuse to be reduced to the lowest common denominator. I’d agree to an IQ test before granting a gun permit though ;-)

  2. G says:

    The reason for the Second Amendment is to keep the government from ever having exclusive control of deadly force. We do not presently have a government that makes this a huge concern, but we do not need to set ourselves up to be helpless if a crisis occurs.

  3. Holly says:

    Goddess, if the ammunition is truly off site, how will those guns help you defend yourself at home? I smell bullsh8t.

    And, just because you teach a kid gun safety, does not mean they are no longer kids – with brains that are not quite yet hard wired to do as you might want. Do as you please, but don’t fool yourself that your kids are impervious to the dangers of guns.

  4. amie says:

    We have our guns and ammo “on site.” We are responsible parents, and gun owners. Our guns are hidden and taken apart. I could have it assembled, and ready to defend my family in seconds, but my children would not be able to get to them or know how to put them together. As well would not have the strength to put one in the chamber. If you leave a loaded gun where a child can get to it, you are neither a responsible gun owner or parent. I don’t like guns, but I’m not giving mine up until the criminals do.

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