Ali Landry's Breastfeeding Blunder and More


Hey moms: Scientists have come up with the perfect sports bra with optimal support. Here’s the problem: No one has invented it yet. — Jezebel

Ali Landry and her husband accidentally ripped the hose off a fuel tank due to a breastfeeding misunderstanding. Ali popped back into the car to feed the baby while pumping gas, and her husband slipped into the driver’s seat and drove away. Have breastfeeding or early parenthood ever made you do something disasterously forgetful? — Momformation.

The original Nanny McPhee is one of my favorite family movies, so I was anxious to read these early reviews of Nanny McPhee Returns. The general consensus seems to be: Not as good as the first, but a close second. — The Stir

A 54-year-old Massachusetts teacher was fired for making unfriendly comments about her students and their parents on Facebook. She explains that she didn’t understand Facebook’s privacy settings and thought only her friends could see them. Social Networking 101: If you don’t want everyone to see it, don’t put it online. Firing seems harsh, though. What do you think?

You’re done breastfeeding your one-year-old and it’s time to transition to milk — it really is as easy as it sounds (unless you have an allergic or lactose intolerant baby), so why does it seem so hard? Alphamom’s Amalah lays out the basics of weaning for nervous parents.

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