All About Eve, Evie, Evan and Evangeline: 15 Most Versatile Names for Girls


Who doesn’t love options?

So why not give your baby what may be considered the most important option of all. A name. We can’t choose our own names, which can be kind of a bummer when our parents pick out something that we just don’t like. Stuck for life! Unless your parents had the foresight to bestow upon you a versatile name.

What do I mean when I say versatile? A name that has several different built-in nicknames that don’t necessarily feel like nicknames. Don’t like your full name, go for a nickname. Don’t like that nickname, go for another one. listed some really versatile girl names and I’ve added a few to the mix. Each name comes with several built-in options to suit different personalities. Your daughter might start off as Ellie, opt for Elle in college and end up as Eleanor. Below are my top 15 favorite versatile names:

What about you? What are your favorite versatile girl names?

  • Evangeline 1 of 15
    I love Lili. Pronounced like the actress Leelee Sobieski.
  • Annabelle 2 of 15
    Annabelle is a beautiful name with adorable nickname options. Anna is classic, Ella is gorgous, Ellie is cute. Can't go wrong.
  • Savannah 3 of 15
    Savannah is another beautiful name with fantastic nickname options. Ava is classic, Savi is unique and sassy. A name for all personalities.
  • Eleanor 4 of 15
    Love the name Eleanor but might like the name Nora even more.
  • Alexandra 5 of 15
    Alexandra is a strong name with excellent options. Lexi is cute, Alexa too. I just realized you could go with Leandra too.
  • Scarlett 6 of 15
    I absolutely adore the idea of using Scout as a nickname for Scarlett. Lettie is adorable too.
  • Amelia 7 of 15
    Millie or Mia are my favorite options here.
  • Charlotte 8 of 15
    Classically beautiful name. Charlie is fantastic and Lottie is just cuteness all around.
  • Elizabeth 9 of 15
    Can you think of a name with more nickname options than Elizabeth? I can't.
  • Gabrielle 10 of 15
    I love all the Elle, Ellie, Ella names.
  • Isabella 11 of 15
    Even though I love the Ella names, Izzie is my favorite here.
  • Katherine 12 of 15
    Another strong, classic name with tons of options.
  • Margaret 13 of 15
    Cannot go wrong with Maggie.
  • Penelope 14 of 15
    Penny is sweet and I thought Lola was unique.
  • Matilda 15 of 15
    I never thought about using Mila with Matilda before but I really like it.

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