All My Children's Top 3 Parenting Moments (VIDEO)

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Which one was your favorite?

Today’s last episode of All My Children left some viewers feeling empty with its ultimate cliffhanger: Who did JR shoot? It was a reverse “who shot JR” and a clever pun on the Dallas finale so many years ago. Viewers also got a glimpse of some Gone With The Wind, as Jack walked out on Erica for the last time. I have to admit I haven’t watched it in years but I did tune in to the last episode today, and oddly enough the majority of the characters, I still knew. I especially enjoyed Tad’s toast to Pine Valley.

That show will always have a special place in my heart. It has changed over the years and appealed to me less in recent years but some episodes stand out in my mind as unforgettable. Of course, many had to do with parenting.

Check out my picks for the top three parenting moments from All My Children, and enjoy these video snippets which I guarantee will bring you right back to Pine Valley in the 80s and 90s:

Tom tells Brooke that their daughter Lauren is dead
Every parents’ worst nightmare, this scene was unbelievably difficult to watch. Brooke just screams, No, no, no because she can’t accept that her child was killed by a drunk driver. This one moment brought tears to moms everywhere. I didn’t have kids back then and was just a teenager but found myself bawling over this episode.



Bianca comes out to her mom, Erica
Erica could be wicked, but she was one damned good mother. The conversation between her and daughter Bianca after Bianca came out to her was heartfelt and tender. Bianca’s assertion, “I’m proud of who I am. Mom, you have taught me everyday to be myself every day of my life” was a purely beautiful moment.



Mona’s funeral
To say that Erica had a tumultuous relationship with her mom, Mona is an understatement so it’s all the more gut wrenching when Erica throws herself on Mona’s coffin and begs her not to leave her. Talk about a Kleenex moment!



What was your favorite parenting moment from All My Children?


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